Gallery 1

Reunion of Habitat for Humanity International volunteers from the early to late '80's
Bob got our goat! (Snowflake)
Tim and Geri on the move from GA to OH - Fourth Visit, room named in honor of them.
Peggy and granddaughter, Mary, took a short break during summer vacation from College.
Congratulations to Patrick and Sheila on the first Babymoon!
Hilliard and Valerie celebrated their anniversary at the Cottage in June
Siri helped David find us for a day of relazation and restoration in the midst of his ever-moving life of many facets.
Karl and Jean had a day of rest and exploring history as part of thei 7000 mile trek around the U.S.
Angela and Keith up from Florida.  Keith enjoyed his first Eggs Benedict!
Tamara brough Mom, Irene, to celebrate being 97 years young!! Irene was carded at one of our local restaurants. ;-)
Nancy Picks 2018 Harvest at St Francis Cottage
Some of 2018 Harvest at St Francis Cottage
Meet Mini Bobo up close
Jackie and Cindy came from Mississippi for a little retreat.
New friends, Mini and Josephine
Michael and Megan at Walnut St. Bridge during their Babymoon.
Back row: Caroline, Nicole, Nicky.  Front row: Jacob, Josephine stopped in on their way from Chicago area to Disney World.  Great Kids and Moms!
Loving New GrandDog, Mini Bobo.  With Nancy
Jay and Michelle all the way from Washington State
Our map of pins from when people have come.
Danielle and Vincent enjoyed a quiet weekend at the Cottage.
Grape Hyacinths in bloom.
Daffodils brighten up the area
Cavey and Braud Families at St Francis Cottage
Early tulips in blossom.
Paper White daffodils
Oriental Pear Blossoms
Flowering Almond Blossoms
Squirrel enjoying the back deck.
Todd and Jamie getting away from it all.  Welcome!
Kathy and Steve - We love Nashville area folks.
Ryan and Lori spent a quick, needed getaway at the Cottage
Newly-weds, Rosanna and Brad stayed twice.
Snowflake, the goat, and Mini, the dog facing off at the fence.
Melanie and Kyle on their anniversary, with Annie.
Very newly mareied Matt and Emma - Congratulations!
Michael & Sarah At St Francis Cottage
Jan and Larry from Jacksonville.
Jim and Rachel, Ginger & Chris, with Huck on Memorial Day weekend.
John and Ruth Ann - Great to meet them, even if only for one night.
Jenifer and Jason dropped in for a mid-May visit.
Welcome Geri and Tim, with a THANKS
All the way from the Bahamas for Miguel's college graduation
Anthony and Rhonda flew in from Jupiter for their anniversary.
Wallace, Nancy, with Beth and Mark from Texas on their second visit.
Brandi and Josh here for Bouldering Association Dinner
First anniversary flower from Chuck and Linda - THANK YOU!
FOXY Lady - Faithful companion of Esteban and Brittani
Teresa, long time friend from St. Louis, holds up here needlepoint of St Francis Cottage
Tabi, Nancy & GrandGoat, Alice
Tabi, Linda, and Chuck with friends.
Christina and Scott add happy faces to our list of Anniversary guests.
Linda and George, left, and daughter, Emma, right, from Scottsdale, Arizona stayed with us recently with their daughter, Hanna, son-in-law, Brandon and granddaughter, Juniper joining us for breakfast
Nancy got some rhubarb to grow here in Chattanooga.
New comfy leather recliners for the Library.  Enjoy the game!
Mary Ann and Don have a Happy Anniversary breakfast.
Joan, long time friend from Los Angeles, was inspired by the gardens.
Marta and Daughter, Christina (pre-med at Lee University next Fall)
Kitty, Karl, and Max wondered all the way from Colorado
Kim and John's smiling faces lit up the Cottage on a short stay in early April.
Kevin and Michelle enjoyed a brisk weekend away from it all.
Esteban, Brittani and Foxy with us from Overland Park, Kansas
Robyn, Davis and Flash Gordon visit in early January
Domino is not sure what to make of Alice the goat as Snowflake escapes.
Dyersburg Class of 78 banner at St Francis Cottage
40th Class reunion of the Ladies from Dyersburg High School.  Left to right - Lori, Dwana, Melina, Carol, Linda, Karen, LeighAnn and Jane.
Jim and Susan chose St Francis Cottage not knowing that their daughter did too, a few months before.
Bill and Jennifer celebrate an Anniversary on a Spring-like February day.
A weeknight getaway for Heather and Tyson.
Great room fireplace and conversation pit at St Francis Cottage
Back gardens 2017 at St Francis Cottage
Event and garden walkway at St Francis Cottage
Cookies, Coffee, and Tea  at St Francis Cottage
St Francis and the Bears Breach at St Francis Cottage
Library barn doors at St Francis Cottage
Great room at St Francis Cottage
Anniversary sparkling wine at St Francis Cottage
Wine tasting event in the great room at St Francis cottage.
Half Ironman 2017 Chattanooga Finish Line
Dining area at St Francis Cottage
Yellow cone flowers at St Francis Cottage
Monarch Butterfly at St Francis Cottage
First guests, Linda and Chuck with their dogs Bella and Taco raise a cup of coffee on the deck.
St Francis Cottage exterior 2017
Purple cone flowers at St Francis Cottage
Event space and gardens at St Francis Cottage
Lillies and Exterior at St Francis Cottage
Jeanette, Michael, James, Cheryl, and Sarah
More hydrangeas at St Francis Cottage
Jeanette and Snowflake the bunny.
Blueberry muffins at St Francis Cottage
Garden seating area at St Francis Cottage
Gardens and event space at St Francis Cottage
Oak leaf hydrangeas in the event space at St Francis Cottage
Blue hydrangeas at St Francis Cottage
Suzanna and Mattie celebrate a special birthday.
A view of the event space at St Francis Cottage
Mattie and Lucy the bunny.
St Francis Cottage Christmas 2017
Guest Comments on chalkboard at St Francis Cottage
Multi-colored Hydrangeas at St Francis Cottage
White cone flowers at St Francis Cottage
Butterfly weed at St Francis Cottage
Posing with Chamber Ambassadors for Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce Official ribbon cutting.
The Scruggs celebrate their anniversary.
Guest comments on blackboard at St Francis Cottage
Magnolia blossom at St Francis Cottage
St Francis in the garden at St Francis Cottage
Aimee, Nolan, and baby goat, Alice
Meet little Alice, our new mascot.
Hibiscus at St Francis Cottage
Cindy, George, and Milo from Florida
Grace, milly, Nancy Hannah, and Suzie
Dale and Beth visit from Michigan
Marge and Gene have breakfast on the deck.
St Francis statue surrounded by garden plantings in the entrance drive of St Francis Cottage
Nancy, Michael, Hannsh, and Wallace.  The Brauds.
Herb garden at St Francis Cottage
Custom Artwork at St Francis Cottage
Ironman 70.3 Chattanooga 2017
Guest List at St Francis Cottage
Alice gets a treat at St Francis Cottage
Good thing about Alice . . . she eats like a bird.
Sunna, Baha, and Lulu enjoy the garden area.
Scott and Ashley celebrate a birthday.
Stephanie and Carsten, from Germany, during Ironman 70.3 World Championship.
Clemens family reunion July, 2017
Wanda and Len from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Craig and Debbie from Kentucky
Charlie, the dog, meets Alice, the goat.  With Jane and Nancy.
Enjoying life at St Francis Cottage
Rita and Mike dropped in from Kentucky.
Elizabeth and Richard brought their contagious smiles from Brentwood.
Phillip and Jasmine traveled from Mississippi to spend a quiet weekend.
Brother, Bruce and his wife, Barbara join us at one of our favorite restaurants, Molcajete, in Chattanooga
Bigson, from New Zealand, 1st visitor from half way around the world.
Neal and Maryjo visit from Bellevue, Washington, amidst the first signs of Autumn.
Lisa and Shane dropped in for a visit from West Tennessee
Billy and Jen enjoyed Chattanooga for their Anniversary.
Nancy with the GrandGoats, Snowflake and Alice
Henize family reunion at Thanksgiving 2017.
Alex and Ramona, from Louisiana, with Son, Lane and his girlfriend, Katey.
Rob and Mom, carol, with Sara stop in on their way back to Mississippi from New York.
North meets South: Kevin and Karen, Long Island, New York with Sue and Larry from Hendersonville, Tennessee
Jonathan and Joanie celebrated a belated anniversary.
Vicki and Robert celebrate their anniversary on a beautiful Fall weekend.
Alice and Snowflake living the good life.
Thanksgiving dinner with Henize and Geiger families.
Martin and Laurie from Stuart, Florida.
Nancy and Wallace enjoying a beautiful Fall day.
Library set up for Big Game viewing.
Donna and Jeff see the sights from Rock city Gardens
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at St Francis Cottage
Brain and Lesley drove up from Cumming, Georgia.
Henize reunion exploring Rock City Gardens
Welcome to St Francis Cottage, our entrance sign.
Front row: David, Stephani, and Denise.  Back row:  Larry, Sue, and Brandon.
Happy Second Anniversary, Amanda and Jeremy!
Alice and Snowflake, the greeters waiting to welcome uyou to St Francis Cottage.
Claudine visiting to pick her new kitten, Christmas 2017
Elmcroft of Shallowford Reception, December 2017.
Noel sign.  Christmas greetings, 2017
Claudia and Ray up from Miami, Christmas, 2017
Christmas bears.  two new residents compliments of Ray and Claudia.  Thank You!
Mary and Daniel celebrate the marriage with a Honeymoon at St Francis Cottage
Wallace and Nancy wish you a Merry Christmas 2017 and a Happy New Year, 2018
Snowflake, the new goat on the block.
Robert, Suzanne, Norma and Gary, Christmas 2017
Map of from whence our guests have come, late 2017
Emily and Tyler on a little R&R from their work as a nurse and youth pastor.
Alice and Snowflake photo bomb Jonathan'sl selfie.
snowflake with goat whisperer, Melanie
Sherry, Jay, Harley, and Cassadee
Bridget and Jimmy brough music to our hearts.
Shirley and James' Valentine's Day Anniversary.
Gary and Leigh celebrated Valentine's Day.
Bill and Robin celebrate their Anniversary
Deanna and Patrick dropped in for a quiet respite weekend.