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Local Restaurants

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Food for thought! 
Chattanooga is resplendent with a vast array of over 600 restaurants able to satisfy any palate. With selections ranging from consistent national chains to wonderful down-home dives, you won't go hungry here. Within a five-minute drive of St Francis Cottage, there are over 150 selections, with choices in just about every taste and price range. There are several more just a few minutes away in the Downtown and Southside areas. We have some of our favorites and can help guide you to an enjoyable lunch or evening meal while you're with us.
Restaurants within two miles of St Francis Cottage

Steaks and Seafood
American Cuisine
Restaurants in Downtown Chattanooga and other Areas  –  9-13 miles from SFC

Fine Dining
American, Pubs, Farm-to-Table, Ethnic, Etc.